2015 Sermons

Date Speaker Subject Scripture Mp3 Notes
12/27/pm Jim Boyd Setting Your House in Order Matthew 25:31-34  
12/27/am Jim Boyd God, Our Creator & Our Father Malachi 2:10  
12/20/pm Doug Bost Meet for the Master's Use Matthew 3:8  
12/20/am Jonathan Stubblefield The Coming of Christ Luke 2 10-11 wmv
12/13/pm Ben Bailey The Greatest Bible Character Mark 1:22  
12/13/am Ben Bailey The "Haves" & "Have-Nots" Romans 10:14-17  
12/06/pm Ben Bailey Great Bible Characters: Elijah James 5:17-18  
12/06/am Ben Bailey Knowing the Truth John 8:31-32  
11/29/pm Ben Bailey Great Bible Characters: Noah Genesis 6:8  
11/29/am Ben Bailey Joy Beyond Measure Hebrews 12:1-2  
11/22/pm Ben Bailey Great Bible Characters: Mary (s) Luke 7:37-39  
11/22/am Ben Bailey Fashion Design Galatians 3:27  
11/15/pm Ben Bailey Things That Save Acts 4:11-12  
11/15/am Ben Bailey What Is Confession? Proverbs 28:13  
11/08/pm Ben Bailey Great Bible Characters: Aaron Exodus 4  
11/08/am Ben Bailey Comfort of the Scriptures Romans 15:4  
11/01/pm Ben Bailey Great Bible Characters: Paul Philippians 3:4-8  
11/01/am Ben Bailey Free! Free! Romans 5:15-18  
10/25/pm Ben Bailey John the Baptizer    
10/25/am Ben Bailey Who Do You Think You Are? Titus 2:11-13  
10/18/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from the Psalms    
10/18/am Ben Bailey United Around God Exodus 3:12-15  
10/11/pm Jonathan Stubblefield The Prophet Jeremiah Jeremiah 1-10  
10/11/am Josh Pierce Uniting Others to the Lord Luke 10  
10/04/pm Ben Bailey Heaven Hebews 10:24-25  
10/04/am Ben Bailey The Love of Christ Romans 5:6-8  
09/27/pm Josh Pierce Working to Serve the Lord    
09/27/am Spencer Broome Panamerican Missions Acts 13-15  
09/20/pm Ben Bailey Lessons From Jeremiah    
09/20/am Ben Bailey Who Did What, When?    
09/13/pm Ben Bailey Encouraging Passages    
09/13/am Ben Bailey What to Do with Your Bible    
09/06/pm Ben Bailey How to Read Your Bible    
09/06/am Ben Bailey Difference Between OT & NT Romans 15:4  
08/30/pm Ben Bailey Consider Christ Jesus John 20:30-31  
08/30/am Ben Bailey Bring Your Bible 2 Chron. 34:14-18  
08/23/pm Ben Bailey Man's Greatest Needs Mark 2:15-17  
08/23/am Ben Bailey The Importance of Bible Class    
08/18/pm Bill Boyd Unity in Evangelism Ephesians 4  
08/17/pm Chris Perry Unity in the Home Ephesians 4  
08/16/pm Robert Jefferies Overcoming Barriers to Unity    
08/16/am Robert Jefferies Unity in the New Testament    
08/09/pm Ben Bailey The Doctrine of Christ 2 John 9  
08/09/am Ben Bailey Greater Godliness Matthew 5  
08/02/pm Tim Fariss Sowing the Seed Matt 13:31-32  
08/02/am Josh Pierce Striking the Rock Numbers 20  
07/26/pm Ben Bailey The Danger of Islam    
07/26/am Ben Bailey The Sin of Neglect James 4:17  
07/19/pm Ben Bailey The Judges of Israel #1 Judges 21:25  
07/19/am Ben Bailey Division    
07/12/pm Ben Bailey Parables    
07/12/am Ben, Jeff, and Josh Panama Mission Trip    
07/05/pm Ben Bailey Procrastination    
07/05/am Ben Bailey The Good News John 3:16  
06/28/pm Jonathan Stubblefield Wisdom of Proverbs Proverbs  
06/28/am Jonathan Stubblefield Unity through "Followship" Hebrews 13:7  
06/21/pm Ben Bailey Truth About the Holy Spirit    
06/21/am Ben Bailey The Joy of Christianity Philippians 4  
06/17/pm Cliff Boyd Noah: Saved by Water Genesis 6  
06/16/pm Steve Hillis Ethiopian Eunuch Acts 8  
06/15/pm Kevin Key The Philippian Jailer Acts 16  
06/14/pm Jim Boyd The Crossing of the Red Sea Exodus 14  
06/14/am Ben Bailey Saved by Water 1 Peter 3:20-21  
06/07/pm Ben Bailey Truth About Divorce Genesis 2:24 .ppt
06/07/am Ben Bailey Follow Me! Acts 4:11-12  
05/31/pm Young Men        
05/31/am Ben Bailey Unity & Power of the Apostles    
05/24/pm Ben Bailey The Truth about Homosexuality    
05/24/am Ben Bailey Proofs of Inspiration    
05/17/pm Ben Bailey The Truth About Pornography    
05/17/am Ben Bailey The Danger of Sin    
05/10/pm Ben Bailey The Truth About Heaven & Hell Luke 16  
05/10/am Ben Bailey The Way Home    
05/03/pm Ben Bailey The Truth About Alcohol    
05/03/am Ben Bailey Sincere Love of the Brethren 1 Peter 1  
04/26/pm Young Men        
04/26/am Ben Bailey Christianity in a Word Acts 11:26 wmv
04/19/pm Ben Bailey Truth About Truth   wmv
04/19/am Ben Bailey Barriers to Unity 1 Corinthians  
04/12/pm Ben Bailey Survey of Hebrews 13 Hebrews 13  
04/12/am Ben Bailey Hindrances to Unity 2 Cor. 5:14-15 wmv
04/05/pm Ben Bailey Great Cloud of Witnesses Hebrews 12:1-2  
04/05/am Ben Bailey The Lord’s Plea for Unity John 17:20-21 wmv
03/29/pm Ben Bailey Hall of Faith Hebrews 11  
03/29/am Ben Bailey Amen! Amen! Neh. 8:6  
03/22/pm Ben Bailey Survey of Hebrews 10   wmv
03/22/am Ben Bailey Help From Above Acts 4  
03/15/pm Tim Fariss Problems Always Have Solutions I Tim 6:6-10  
03/15/am Tim Fariss How Much Does It Cost? Luke 14:27-33  
03/08/pm Lonnie Jones What is My Role in My Family?    
03/08/am Ken Smith Mission Work    
03/08/am Ben Bailey Seeking the Lost    
03/01/pm Ben Bailey Greater Promises Hebrews 8 & 9  
03/01/am Ben Bailey All Things Through Christ Philippians 4:13 wmv
02/22/pm Ben Bailey Greater Than Melchidezek Hebrews 7  
02/22/am Josh Pierce Pan-American Missions    
02/22/am Steve Stubblefield Evangelism    
02/15/am Ben Bailey Work & Qualifications of a Deacon   wmv
02/08/pm Ben Bailey Greater than The Levites Hebrews 5:12-14  
02/08/am Ben Bailey How To Become a Christian Acts 9  
02/01/pm Ben Bailey Christ: Greater than Joshua Hebrews 4  
02/01/am Ben Bailey Unity in the Godhead Genesis 1:26-27 wmv
01/25/pm Ben Bailey Christ: Greater than Moses Hebrews 3  
01/25/am Ben Bailey I’m Thinking of a Number... 1 Corinthians 1:10 wmv
01/18/pm Ben Bailey The Greater Salvation Hebrews 2:1-4  
01/18/am Ben Bailey What is Unity? Ephesians 4:4-7 wmv
01/11/pm Ben Bailey Greater than Angels Hebrews 1:1-4  
01/11/am Ben Bailey Unity in the Old Testament Ephesians 4:3 wmv
01/04/pm Ben Bailey Hebrews Overview Hebrews  
01/04/am Ben Bailey Bind Us Together Psalm 133:1