2016 Sermons

Date Speaker Subject Scripture Mp3 Notes
12/25/am Doug Bost Caring Is ... II Corinthians 11:28  
12/18/pm The Elders Prayer Service    
12/18/am Josh Pierce Plant, Water, Increase 1 Corinthians 3:6-8  
12/4/pm Ben Bailey Bible Q & A #23 1 Corinthians 11:16  
12/4/am Ben Bailey Reward for Service John 14:1-6  
11/27/pm Ben Bailey Bible Q & A #22 John 8:31-32  
11/27/am Ben Bailey Patience    
11/20/pm Ben Bailey Bible Q & A #21 Acts 17:30-31  
11/20/am Ben Bailey Drop Your Anchor Hebrews 6:19  
11/13/pm Ben Bailey Is that in the Bible? (2)    
11/13/am Ben Bailey Is that in the Bible? (1) 1 Thess. 5:21  
11/6/pm Josh Pierce Fear    
11/6/am Ben Bailey God, Government, & Election Ephesians 5:18  
10/30/pm Trevor Major New Zealand Work Report— Mk 16:15  
10/30/am Ben Bailey Spooks, Goblins & Witches Mt. 14:26  
10/23/pm Ben Bailey Q & A #20    
10/23/am Ben Bailey NO! NO! NO! Proverbs 23  
10/16/pm Ben Bailey The Pilgrimage of Israel Part 2 Mt. 6:33  
10/16/am Ben Bailey Don’t Be Stupid Proverbs 12:1  
10/9/pm Ben Bailey Pilgrimage of Israel Exodus  
10/9/am Ben Bailey God-Given Help Heb. 2:14-18  
10/2/pm Ben Bailey Q & A #19    
10/2/am Ben Bailey Freedom in Christ Galatians 5:1  
9/25/pm Ben Bailey Q & A #18    
9/25/am Ben Bailey How Many Lumens Are You? Matt. 5:16  
9/18/pm Ben Bailey Q & A # 17    
9/18/am Ben Bailey Pitching Your Tent… 2 Cor. 5:1-2  
9/11/pm Ben Bailey Q & A # 16    
9/11/am Ben Bailey Plan of Salvation Acts 2  
9/4/pm Ben Bailey Q & A # 15    
9/4/am Ben Bailey The Worst of the Worse? Luke 13:1-5  
8/28/pm Grant Hitchcock Christ-like Transformation Romans 12:2  
8/28/am Ben Bailey Are You Happy in Christ? Philippians 4:4  
8/21/pm Jonathan Stubblefield Associations 1 Kings 11:1-4  
8/21/am Doug Bost Three Nails Luke 23:33  
8/17/pm Don Blackwell Kindness Galatians 5:22-23  
8/16/pm Don Blackwell Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage Matthew 19  
8/15/pm Don Blackwell Pornography    
8/14/pm Don Blackwell Biblical Ethics Proverbs  
8/14/am Don Blackwell Where Do We Go After Death? Ephesians 6:1-4  
8/7/pm Ben Bailey Comforting the Discouraged #2 Hebrews 3:12  
8/7/am Ben Bailey Comforting the Discouraged #1 Ezra 4:1-5  
7/31/pm Ben Bailey Q & A #14 Mark 16:9-20  
7/31/am Ben Bailey The One church of Jesus Mt. 16:13-18  
7/24/pm Jonathan Stubblefield Shortcuts 2 John 1:8-11  
7/24/am Ben Bailey What is a Godly Husband? Eph. 5:25-29  
7/17/pm Ben Bailey Q & A #13    
7/17/am Ben Bailey All Lives Matter to God John 3:16  
7/10/pm Slayden Rogers Our Mentality at Worship Matthew 22:37  
7/10/am Tim Fariss God is Looking for You Luke 15  
7/3/pm Ben Bailey Q & A #12    
7/3/am Ben Bailey Independence Day Romans 6:17-18  
6/25/pm Ben Bailey TGOC info, Q & A #11    
6/25/am Ben Bailey Psalms for Everyday Living    
6/19/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #10    
6/19/am Ben Bailey Our Heavenly Father    
6/12/am Ben Bailey Fight the Good Fight! Ephesians 6  
6/5/pm Josh Pierce Stand Up Ephesians 6:11-17  
6/5/am Ben Bailey Guidelines for Dating 2 Cor. 6:14-16  
5/29/pm Ben Bailey Q&A: Daily Christian Living    
5/29/am Ben Bailey Conversion of the Eunuch Acts 8  
5/22/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #8    
5/22/am Ben Bailey Christ in You Colossians 1:27  
5/15/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #7    
5/15/am Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #6    
5/8/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #5    
5/8/am Ben Bailey Honor Your Mother    
5/1/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #4    
5/1/am Ben Bailey Spiritual Bucket List    
4/24/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #3    
4/24/am Ben Bailey The Responsibility of Children Psalm 127:1-3  
04/17/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #2    
04/17/am Ben Bailey God Spoke and ... Genesis 1:1  
04/10/pm Ben Bailey Questions & Answers #1    
04/10/am Ben Bailey Fear    
04/03/pm Jonathan Stubblefield Psalm 51 - Joy Psalm 51  
04/03/am Jim Boyd Paul's Sermon in Pisidia Acts 13:14-39  
03/27/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Genesis: Joseph Genesis 27-50  
03/27/am Ben Bailey The Gospel Acts 2:36-38  
03/20/pm Philip Jenkins Preparing for Marriage    
03/20/am Ben Bailey The Role of Father & Mother    
03/13/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Genesis: Jacob Genesis 25-27  
03/13/am Ben Bailey Worshipping God in Song Ephesians 5:19  
03/06/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #8 Genesis 21-27  
03/06/am Ben Bailey Give Us Christian Parents Ephesians 6:1-4  
02/28/pm Ben Bailey From Birth to Eternity    
02/28/am Ben Bailey The Joys of Marriage Ephesians 5  
02/21/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #7 Genesis 12-20  
02/21/am Ben Bailey The Power of Faith Hebrews 11:6  
02/14/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #6 Genesis 11:6-9  
02/14/am Ben Bailey God Give Us Godly Homes Psalm 34:1-3  
02/07/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #5 Genesis 6-9  
02/07/am Ben Bailey God’s Plan for Mankind 2 Corinthians 5:21  
01/31/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #4 Genesis 4 & 5  
01/31/am Ben Bailey Challenges Facing the Home Ephesians 6:1-4 pdf
01/24/ Ben Bailey Practical Christianity    
01/17/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #3 Genesis 3  
01/17/am Ben Bailey Why I Love the Church Colossians 1:18  
01/10/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #2 Genesis 2  
01/10/am Ben Bailey What Is A Christian Home? Deuteronomy 6:6-9  
01/03/pm Ben Bailey Lessons from Beginning #1 Genesis 1  
01/03/am Ben Bailey Christian Homes Genesis 2:24