Preaching the Word

Date Speaker Subject .wmv GBN#
1/3/16 Ben Bailey Christian Homes   77
12/20/15 Jonathan Stubblefield The Coming of Christ A GBNPTW76
9/13/15 Ben Bailey Uses Of The Bible A GBNPTW75
9/6/15 Ben Bailey Old & New Testaments A GBNPTW74
4/26/15 Ben Bailey Christianity in a Word A GBNPTW73
4/19/15 Ben Bailey Truth About Truth A GBNPTW72
4/12/15 Ben Bailey Hindrances to Unity A GBNPTW71
4/5/15 Ben Bailey The Lord's Plea for Unity A GBNPTW70
3/29/15 Ben Bailey Amen! Amen! A GBNPTW69
3/22/15 Ben Bailey Help From Above A GBNPTW68
3/1/15 Ben Bailey All Things through Christ A GBNPTW67
2/15/15 Ben Bailey Deacons: Work & Qualifications A GBNPTW66
2/01/15 Ben Bailey Unity in the Godhead A GBNPTW65
1/25/15 Ben Bailey I'm Thinking of a Number... A GBNPTW64
1/18/15 Ben Bailey What is Unity? A GBNPTW63
1/11/15 Ben Bailey Unity in the Old Testament A GBNPTW62
12/28/14 Jim Boyd Come With Us A GBNPTW61
12/14/14 Ben Bailey Encouraged by Faith A GBNPTW60
12/07/14 Ben Bailey Encouraged by Love A GBNPTW59
11/23/14 Ben Bailey Encouraged to be Thankful A GBNPTW58
11/16/14 Ben Bailey Defeating Satan by the Book A GBNPTW57
11/09/14 Ben Bailey Encouraged by God’s Hand A GBNPTW56
11/02/14 Ben Bailey Overcoming Bias A GBNPTW55
10/26/14 Ben Bailey The Gospel of Christ Work A GBNPTW54
10/19/14 Ben Bailey Oppose Ungodly Deeds and Doctrine A GBNPTW53
10/12/14 Ben Bailey The Life and Times of Paul A GBNPTW52
09/28/14 Ben Bailey Second Mile Christianity A GBNPTW51
09/21/14 Ben Bailey God's Encouragement A GBNPTW50
09/07/14 Ben Bailey Jesus Was Different A GBNPTW49
08/31/14 Ben Bailey Abortion Is A Sin A GBNPTW48
08/10/14 Ben Bailey Improving Our Marriages A GBNPTW47
08/03/14 Ben Bailey Sermon & Song A GBNPTW46
7/27/14 Ben Bailey A Nun's Son A GBNPTW45
7/06/14 Ben Bailey Don't Forget! A GBNPTW44
6/29/14 Ben Bailey Great Questions A GBNPTW43
6/22/14 Ben Bailey Encouragement from Revelation A GBNPTW42
6/15/14 Ben Bailey Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage A GBNPTW41
6/08/14 Ben Bailey Confronting Local Error (2) A GBNPTW40
6/01/14 Ben Bailey Misplaced Gospels? A GBNPTW39
5/25/14 Ben Bailey Tell Others How Great it is! A GBNPTW38
5/11/14/am Ben Bailey Godly Mothers A GBNPTW37
5/11/14 /pm Josh Pierce Turning Life Around A GBNPTW36
5/04/14 Johnny Fox Hands of Jesus A GBNPTW35
5/04/14 Bill Boyd Old Time Gospel A GBNPTW34
5/04/14 Tim Fariss The More Things Change, ... A GBNPTW33
4/27/14 Ben Bailey Evangelism through Benevolence A GBNPTW32
4/25/14 Larry Acuff Matthew 7 ( at West Riverside) A GBNPTW31
4/20/14 Ben Bailey Striving for the Prize A GBNPTW 30
4/13/14 Ben Bailey It Is Good To Be A Christian A GBNPTW29
3/23/14/ Ben Bailey Inspiration of the Bible A GBNPTW28
3/16/14/pm Ben Bailey Singles & Widows A GBNPTW27
3/16/14/am Ben Bailey Things To Be Announced A GBNPTW26
3/09/14/pm Ben Bailey The Role of Children A GBNPTW25
3/09/14/am Ben Bailey The Church Jesus Built A GBNPYW24
3/2/14/pm Ben Bailey The Role of the Wife A GBNPTW23
3/2/14/am Ben Bailey Christ, Light of the World A GBNPTW22
2/23/14/am Ben Bailey The Beauty of Heaven A GBNPTW21
2/16/14/pm Ben Bailey Dating, Engagement, & Marriage A GBNPTW20
2/16/14/am Ben Bailey The Horror of Being Lost A GBNPTW19
2/9/14/am Ben Bailey Preparation for Marriage A GBNPTW18
2/2/14/pm Ben Bailey Who May Remarry ? A GBNPTW17
2/2/14/am Ben Bailey Accentuate the Positive A GBNPTW16
1/26/14/pm Ben Bailey The Sin of Divorce A GBNPTW15
1/26/14/am Ben Bailey Who Scripture Says Is Lost A GBNPTW14
1/19/14/pm Ben Bailey The Act of Marriage A GBNPTW13
1/19/14/am Ben Bailey Jeremiah's Restoration Plea A GBNPTW12
1/12/14/pm Ben Bailey The Need for Godly Homes A GBNPTW11
1/12/14/am Ben Bailey A Wee Little Man? A GBNPTW10
9/08/13 Ben Bailey 5 Serious Questions A GBNPTW9
7/28/13 Ben Bailey Prayer Proves God A GBNPTW8
6/02/13 Ben Bailey Prophecy Proves God A GBNPTW7
4/21/13 Ben Bailey Design Demands Designer A GBNPTW6
4/07/13 Ben Bailey The Serious Nature of Sin A GBNPTW5
3/24/13 Ben Bailey Daily Christian Living A GBNPTW4
3/10/13 Ben Bailey Man's Hand in the Matter A GBNPTW3
2/24/13 Ben Bailey Standing on the Promises A GBNPTW2
2/10/13 Ben Bailey The Beauty of Forgiveness A GBNPTW1

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