Bulletin Board

Upcoming Events:


July 22

VBS workday/door knocking

July 23-26

We are excited to announce this year’s theme for VBS, “Back In Time”.

July 23-26

Gospel Meeting at Jericho church of Christ. Services at 7pm with Samuel Bain, Jon Simmons, Drew Milligan, Gene Brock and Jason Gann preaching.

Gospel Meeting at Bluff Springs church of Christ, services at 7 pm with Richard Bowman.

Gospel Meeting at Doyle church of Christ, July 23-27 services at 7 pm with Randy Bybee.

July 26

There is a sign up sheet on stage for anyone who would like to go to the Atlanta Braves game August 5. You need to sign up by July 26.

July 30

Elders Meeting at 4 p.m. in Room 211.

August 5

Elder, Deacon, Preacher Seminar at East Main, Murfreesboro, 8:30 am - 1 pm. Speakers: Glenn Colley, Alan Highers, Tom Holland. RSVP by Aug 3 at 2 p.m.

Ladies Day at Gassaway church of Christ. Theme: One Word. Speaker: Amanda Key. 9 a.m.-11 a.m.

August 6

On Sunday, August 6, after evening services, the elders and members of the congregation want to recognize Charles Bogle for his years of service here at Central. Charles served as deacon and then as elder for 40 years.

August 6-9

Gospel Meeting at New Hope church of Christ. Sun. 6 p.m. Mon.-Wed. 7 p.m. Speaker: Joe Wells.

Gospel Meeting at Unity church of Christ, August 6-9 services at 7 pm with Johnny Fox.

August 26

White Water Rafting

September 13-17

Youth-lead Gospel Meeting at Mt. Leo

September 22-24

Erupt Youth Rally at Cumberland Caverns (www.eruptyouthrally.com)

October 14

Food & Raiment Day

October 22-25

Gospel Meeting with Robert Jefferies