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Upcoming Events:


August 24-Nov. 16

The Fall Quarter of the Middle Tennessee School of Preaching begins on August 24, and meets at the
Bethany church of Christ. This quarter’s classes:

6-7 p.m.—The Home As God Would Have It—Jim Boyd
7-8 p.m.—Preaching Series: Church At Ephesus—Bill Boyd
8-9 p.m.—The Book Of Job—Tom Harrison


September 20

Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal.

September 17-21

Youth-lead Gospel Meeting at Mt. Leo


September 23

Young Ladies Seminar at East Main church of Christ in Murfreesboro. 5th-12th Grade. 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Speaker: Ashley Edwards. Theme: A Matter of the Heart: Mason Jars, Chevrons, & Chalkboards. Lunch will be served.

September 22-24

Erupt Youth Rally at Cumberland Caverns (www.eruptyouthrally.com) Theme: The Rock. Speakers: Cody Peery & Lonnie Jones.

September 28

West Sparta church of Christ presents a film—Patterns of Evidence Exodus. 6 p.m.

October 3

Ladies’ Bible Class Resumes. Hazel Van Syckel Instructor.

October 14

Food & Raiment Day

October 22-25

Gospel Meeting with Robert Jefferies