Sun. Assemblies

Bible Class: 9:30 AM AM Worship: 10:30 PM Worship 6:00 PM

Wed. Devotional & Bible Study: 7:00 PM

For Transportation:

Call: 473-6537 (Mon-Thur) or call the van driver listed in the current bulletin.


Read the Bible in 90 Days

Becoming a Christian

Bible Hour




Sunday and Wednesday Bible Class Locations and Topics

Room 108  Cradle Roll- Bible Stories and Songs

Room 103 Two and Three Year Olds-Jesus’ Love,  Friendship

Room 104 Pre K-Kindergarten- Children and Jesus, Helping Others

Room 105 1st and 2nd Grade-  Birth of Jesus, Jesus’ Life

Room 106  3rd Grade- Job, David, Solomon, Proverbs, Psalms

Room 102 4th and 5th Grade- Genesis, Noah, The Apostles

Room 208 Middle School (Sunday Morning)

Outreach- High School (Sunday)  Middle and High School (Wednesday)