Ladies' Lessons

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Date Speaker Subject Scripture Mp3 Notes
4/26/14 Jenny Nance At Home with God #3    
4/26/14 Jenny Nance At Home with God #2    
4/26/14 Jenny Nance At Home with God #1    
9/22/12 Linda Gilbert How Will I Be Remembered    
9/22/12 Linda Gilbert Ladies' Day Program    
4/30/11 Christie Bailey Grow Like a Child    
4/30/11 Anne Vance Focus    
4/30/11 Jozada Smith P.E.A.C.E.    
4/30/11 Josephine Turner How to Grow ...    
4/24/10 Kerry Mullican Treasuring Time with God  
4/24/10 Linda Gilbert Treasuring Time with God    
4/25/09 Monica Sain Dempsey Held in the Hands of Hope    
4/19/08 Denise Reed Bailiff Someday My Prince Will Come    
4/21/07 Carol Chadwick Loving the Great Gift    
5/6/06 Carol Boyd      
4/16/05 Cynthia Northcutt Calming the Storm    
4/3/04 Mrs. Foye Watkins Balancing Your Life    
6/01/02 Cindy Brothers Heart of a Servant (pt 2)    
6/01/02 Cindy Brothers Heart of a Servant (pt 1)    
2001 Jean Savage Freedom in Christ    
4/18/98 Jane Brown The Perfect Fragrance    
4/26/97 Nancy Cook Sweep Out Sin - Jealousy, Envy    
4/26/97 Martha Parker Brighten Your Attitude    
4/26/97 Linda Gilbert Wash Out Evil Thoughts    
4/26/97 D. Bumbalough Woman, Heart of God    
4/27/96 Sandra Humphrey What Do I Communicate ?    
5/25/95 Laurel Sewell Fitting the Pieces Together    
7/16/95 Judy Miller God's Transforming Love    
7/15/95 Judy Miller Soul Winning for Women    
5/2/92 Sandra Collins The Best Gifts   video
5/12/92 Elsie Roney Christian Living    
3/21/92 Myrna McKinley      
10/17/87 Patsy Loden Stringing the Pearls    
10/17/87 Emma Staton Stringing the Pearls    
4/19/86 Mary Oler Never Stop Growing    
1986 Arnelle Adcock Jesus Living in Me    
5/18/85 Ruth Rucker In Step with Jesus    
5/19/84 Kathleen Whitfield Jesus Living in Me    
5/24/83 Pam Bucy The Greatest of These Is Love    
5/25/82 Elsie Huffard Women's Hands are God's Hands    
1980 Linda Gilbert What Shall I Teach My Child?    
1980 Dorothea Czeczottka Early Years of Marriage    
1980 Dorothea Czeczottka Preparation for Marriage    

More resources for Ladies can be found at West Ark Church of Christ