Sun. Assemblies

Bible Class: 9:30 AM AM Worship: 10:30 PM Worship 6:00 PM

Wed. Devotional & Bible Study: 7:00 PM

For Transportation:

Call: 473-6537 (Mon-Thur) or call the van driver listed in the current bulletin.


Read the Bible in 90 Days

Becoming a Christian

Bible Hour


Media Ministries:


Scripture Studies, a 15 min. program, is on WBMC (960 AM) Monday - Friday at ~12:15 pm. This program has been on the air for about 50 years with the pulpit minister as the main speaker.

We also support World Christian Broadcasting, and Joe Gray World Wide Radio broadcasting on the short-wave band world-wide.


We are the overseeing congregation of The Gospel of Christ TV/internet Ministry

On this web site, we provide sermons and classes recorded at Central. Look under "Media" on the menu bar.

We also support The Gospel Broadcasting Network. GBN broadcasts live on the internet in addition to satellite and cable TV (BLTV ch 16) 24 hrs./day, 7 days/week.


The Gospel of Christ has 30-minute programs on a variety of stations worldwide! TGOC is now on BLTV Sundays at 6:30 am & 3 pm and Wednesday at 6 pm.

"In Search of the Lord's Way": Sundays at 7&10 am on WUPN-TV (also seen on GBN).

"Preaching the Gospel" with James Watkins and Cliff Goodwin (also seen on GBN).



We use the space at the top of Church Directory page in the Friday edition of the Southern Standard to provide lessons that are edifying so that we may find strength and courage in God’s Word to face the hardships and trials in this life as we prepare for the life to come.

Video Recording:

See our videos on the "Studio" page under "Media"on the menu bar. We are the studio for "The Gospel of Christ" and a satellite studio for"The Gospel Broadcasting Network".