Videos Recorded at Central for:

The Gospel of Christ


Videos Recorded at Central for GBN

(a locally sponsored GBN satellite studio)

For more information on the following programs, email webmaster or office at bottom of page.


"Think on These Things"

A short program (less than 10 minutes) on various topics. Our first videos.



"Scripture Studies"

Lessons recorded for our radio program on WBMC (on five days a week)(~15 minutes)


"Word from the Lord"

(~30 minutes) (See GBN schedule)

Most of these lessons are also sent to TGOC for their distribution.

Also visit:



Preach the Word

Pulpit Sermons (~30 min.) (See GBN schedule)



Focus on Faith

Lessons recorded for Jeff Archey's program. (See GBN schedule)

These lessons are sent to GBN unedited.



Shelter in the Time of Storm

with: Roger Comstock

These lessons are sent to GBN unedited. (See GBN schedule)



On The Road

These are lessons recorded at neighboring congregations during their meetings.

(sent to GBN unedited)



A Burning Fire

with: Jim Boyd

Short inspirational messages sent to GBN unedited.



Shield of Faith

with: Wes Garland, Eric Pitcock, and Scott Gann

A panel discussion of various topics. (sent to GBN unedited)

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Simple Truth

A locally produced program with Bill Boyd and Larry Henry bringing textual

and topical studies of the Scriptures.




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